I want to give people back to themselves using personalised intervention techniques to live a life free of ailments.

About Luke

Luke Snowdon
Neuro Trainer
Diploma in Neuro Training
NLP Practitioner
Coaching and motivation

I have been studying for over five years, the most important scientific disciplines (Neuroscience and psychology) aimed at understanding the relationship between brain structures and human behaviour. Including the practical Academic and application perspective.

  • As a purist, working as an active member within our Institute receiving research and studying.  Acquiring first hand information of the specialised Cell (Neurons) and Molecular organisms and mechanisms of Neurons, in Ageing (Pathological aspect) and intervention techniques
  • I also worked as a Job Coach with the local authorities where there was an emphasis on person centred plans. My client group ranged from people of learning impaired characteristics to highly qualified professionals, who had been unemployed for long periods and needed to develop their confidence and skills.

The European Intelligence Institute

Neuropsychologist, Senior researcher, neuro-technical valuator of stimulation of higher Cognition at Seniors Rock.

  • Science researcher and professor of Neuroscience at Unifuturo University (Brazil).
  • Coordinator of the Center for Healhty Aging and Neuroscience (CHANBRA), Brazil.
  • Coordinator of the European Union Project Quid´Amar PO2020. Member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (Belgium).
  • Science Writer.
  • Founder of European Intelligence Institute and the Project Evolution and Change (Portugal).


Seniors Rock works in conjunction with the Institute for part of its material and research. We partner with other organisations, working with specialists who share their knowledge and expertise to ensure our Neuro Trainers are rigorously trained to meet the very high standards that Seniors Rock demands to exceed the expectation of our clients.

Training and Development Specialist

Yve – Seniors Rock

Yve has a special interest in effective communication – that is communication on various levels with a diverse range of people and not least of all, communication with yourself.  She has over thirty years’ experience in teaching and training, specialising in personal development.  Her qualifications include a Certificate in Education and Master NLP Practitioner.  She believes that learning is made easier in a pleasurable environment and strives to ensure that individual learning styles are catered for in a fun and safe setting.  Yve says “I was intrigued by the idea that I could have so much control over my own healthy longevity and am delighted to have the opportunity to work with others to promote a responsible way of growing old disgracefully.”