Welcome to your specialist Agency in slowing and prevention of Dementia and Healthful Longevity – giving you back to you and be part of the future. 


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Why Seniors Rock

We are the only national agency offering onsite and online courses in prevention of Dementia and related  to Care home staff and other care models including their own home care.

  • Increased self-awareness for mind/body fitness
  • Fall and injury prevention with improved physical health
  • Slow and even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
  • Helping you to understand your own Longevity (Pathological Age), positively working with your challenges.
  • Multi aspect of your Memory
  • Undetected stresses manifesting
  • Stress release, relaxation, and self-care
  • Memory improvement, focus and concentration
  • Social Interaction and Enjoyment
  • Fall and Injury are a high occurrence
  • Actual intervention techniques for the slowing and prevention of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and others
  • Motivational coaching for older people with characteristics of ageing and decline
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Products & Services

Seniors Rock
Dementia Prevention

Intervention techniques online programmes and bespoke onsite workshops. Literally avoiding physical and mental illness later in life.

Seniors Rock
Mental Training

Mental conditioning, mental fitness – understanding our personal best learning states, dealing with problems and making better decisions to avoid difficulty later.

Seniors Rock

Understanding our own Brain, our Brain’s CNS (Central Nervous system) and our Gut’s conditions. Prevent pain, deal with bad memories and avoid illness into our future and more. “Sometimes in looking to the past, we understand the future”.

Seniors Rock
Diagnoses Tools

A series of fun and more intense tests,  acquiring a truer scale of your pathological Age, based on your answers.

Seniors Rock
Prognoses Tools

A personalised course of intervention techniques to suite your body type and condition, mental state and hygiene.

Seniors Rock

Classes for seniors and disabled, upto 10 participants. It is a well known fact that autistic people, people with learning impairment and older people can indeed slow the onset of our declining physical and mental agility.


Feeling very thankful. I was lucky enough to attend a very informative and thought provoking Workshop today. It was all about how you could prevent the onset of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. If any of you would be interested in attending the next one, PM me and I will let you know when it is (when the date has been finalised). Luke you were brilliant!
I was fortunate enough to have attended one of Luke Snowdon’s ‘Seniors Rock’ Workshops recently. The idea of preventing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia shook my belief system – so I wanted to find out more!
Luke is very knowledgeable in this field and his passion and enthusiasm are infectious. He created a relaxed environment and delivered material in a variety of ways – which kept everyone interested.
I now have an understanding of how I can keep my brain healthy, by carrying out the practical activities shared within the Workshop and creating similar ones for myself. Thank you so much Luke.
Jo Dance, EFT Trainer
” As someone who has first hand experience of the devastation dementia can bring I am especially interested in anything that can help encourage continuing mental well being and longevity. The workshop ‘Seniors Rock’ was a fascinating insight into how I can easily take action to help myself stay mentally alive and alert, and stave off the impact of diseases such as Altheimers and Parkingsons, even help recovery from a stroke.

Luke was fun to work with and presented a well rounded mix of practical what to do exercises underpinned by a clear explanation of why we were doing it. The workshop was fun, informative and well worth the fee. If you are interested in being alive and active both physically and mentally as you get older the information in this workshop is invaluable ”

Michelle Maxwell, Diva Entertainment Ltd
I attended this course initially not having much of an idea what it was about or how I would use the information. I was soon enlightened.
I work for social services and after only a few minutes, was looking at ways in which I could implement what I was learning. I don’t consider myself to be very intellectual so was very pleasantly surprised at how, what seemed to be a very complex subject, could be easy to digest and understand.
Luke has a charismatic personality and is able to deliver the course in an easy, fun way and no question too difficult and always more than adequately explained with knowledge and patients.
The actual content is extremely interesting and informative and leaves one questioning one’s life style and how to make changes. Luke asks one amazing question that I think we all need to ask ourselves. What changes to your present lifestyle would you make, if you knew you were going to live to a 150? The content of this course made me believe that this could actually be possible with re-education of one’s lifestyle, learning how to take care of our brains as well as our bodies, in a perfectly natural way without the use of damaging chemicals used in lots of medication. It all makes complete sense and I can see how following this way of life could delay or indeed, stop all forms of dementia as well as helping with other sorts of mental illness.

Seniors Rock Next Events

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Seniors Rock Winter Well being Festival 17th November 10am-5pm    
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